Here comes the Sun

 Carol of Just let me Quilt had organized another great blog hop.  Our prompt this time was to create something sun related.  I went through a number of ideas, but kept coming back to the same one.  At m6 quilt retreat this spring, we had a demonstration of Dorset Buttons by a couple of the embroidery ladies.  They thought maybe we quilters could use them for embellishments and gave us each a kit to make two.  When watching the demonstration I thought watching it was mesmerizing but couldn’t see myself making them.  A couple weeks later we had a teacher wellness day and one session was an hour of doing your own crafts.  I wanted something small enough to take to work so I took my kit and realized they were fun and the small ones weren’t nearly as time consuming as I expected.  I am starting to make some into jewelry and wreaths and hoping to sell at some local craft events.  

Several of my early buttons

My first Dorset Button

When I made the pastel wreath, I thought it would take a day, it took a week and I swore I wouldn’t do it again…then I wanted a patriotic one.  I’m now working on #6.

Another wreath with fun variegation.

With the original idea of our embroidery friends in the back of my mind, I decided to try my hand at some embellishing.  I made a 2 inch yellow button, then made a small Sunbonnet Sue block.  I had a few single 1/2 inch buttons that I thought I could use for flowers.  If I do start selling at craft shows Sue can be my banner!  

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  1. What cute buttons. They look really good.

  2. How fun! I have never seen these before. I love the little buttons.

  3. Well, you taught this old lady a new trick. I have never heard of them and had to google it. Wow, there are amazing. It looks like a fun little project I just might have to try! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  4. I've never seen Dorset Buttons before, but they're great! And using one as a the sun was a great idea.

  5. I have never seen these before, but making buttons sounds and looks like a neat thing to do while traveling or any time my hands need something to do. I'm going to investigate how to make them. Thanks for sharing, Becky!

  6. I wasn't familiar with Dorset Buttons, thanks for showing us something new!

  7. I tried making one simple Dorset button years ago. Never got into making more. Those giant ones look so fun!

  8. This year we made Dorset buttons at our guild program night. There are so many possibilities, and Ii can see that you have really gone to town with them. I really like them. Thanks for letting me see some more possibilities.

  9. Sue is always perfect and always ready to go. the buttons are interesting.

  10. Cute projects! Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. I had no idea what a Dorset button was, but I love them! Those made into wreaths are incredible...thanks for sharing, Becky!

  12. I’ve never seen Dorset buttons before so thank you for sharing your sweet projects.

  13. what fun projects, reminds me of winding up yarn to make pom poms, now they have plastic gadgets for that!

  14. Wonderful and so unique. What fun and what different sizes - amazing.

  15. Cute button with your Sunbonnet Sue!

  16. The perfect flowers and sun for your pretty Sunbonnet Sue block.

  17. I just love your buttons. So were these used on clothing long ago before mass produced buttons? I love the one with the flowers, but the big ones are so neat also, and your banner with sunbonnet sue is awesome.

  18. Love it! Your buttons are so cool. Thanks for the introduction of something new!

  19. Love the cute buttons! Very original!

  20. The dorset buttons look cool!

  21. I've never seen or heard of these buttons. They are wonderful and I can see how they could become addictive. Love the use of the yellow one with Sue.

  22. Well, you have taught me something new; I hadn't heard of Dorset buttons either. I am guessing they resemble a spiderweb stitch but has the framing around them. I love all the ones your configured. And they make great additions to your little quilt. Thanks for stopping by my quilt. I felt the firework background was perfect. I even ran out of it.


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