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Wonderful World of Color

     I love it when a blog hop encourages me to finish a project I've been meaning to get to.  This one actually gave me the push for two!   Joan  challenged us to make something colorful, or something related to the world.  In March I went to a quilt retreat with my Babushka's project from Fat Cat Patterns (I'm not sure this is still listed on her site and a goal to make a quilted jacket from a sweatshirt.  Either one would fulfill this challenge and I was able to finish both.       I've thought of making a quilted jacket for a long time but the idea of following a garment pattern doesn't appeal to me.  When my friend told me she'd used a sweatshirt for hers I started looking for a button or snap closure sweatshirt at the thrift stores and lucked out just before retreat and found one for $1.  At retreat I seam ripped the arms and sides and created a flat seam to cover with crazy blocks.  I spent the evenings after retreat sewing my crazy blocks together so I