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It's a Guy Thing

 When  Carol  announced this hop was about using masculine fabrics or making a project for one of the guys in your life I hoped it would be the inspiration I needed to finish the next quilt from my Grandfather's shirts.  However, in the back of mind I knew I had a back up plan of two projects I'd finished and hadn't blogged about yet and sometimes when there's a clear back up plan it is so easy to let other things come between you and your goal.  Alas, my cousin's quilt is still just a top, but that is probably still further than I'd have gotten without this hop.   When my grandfather passed away in 2018 I gathered his shirts and set out to make a quilt for each of his children and grandchildren.  I finished the one for my mom, the youngest of his children, when everything was shut down and gave it to her rather than making her wait for me to be able to take pictures and blog about it.  For her quilt I chose Bonnie Hunter's Virginia Bound pattern because whe