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My Stitching Resolution

Carla of  Creatin in the Sticks organizes such fun blog hops and I’m sure this one will be no different.  Although it is set up differently being a single day.  Before I make my 2021 resolution, how did I do with last years goals? (I omitted the travel ones because...) 1. I know of 2 weddings and a baby quilt that I need to finish and I want to keep up with any others that arise. Done although two haven’t been given yet. The pictures are only the occasions I knew about then; several more were made and given 2. Last year I finished all but one block of two different block of the month programs, so I need to finish those.- One is done, the other may squeak through but will probably be an early 2021 finish 3. My husband needs a new bed quilt so I want to finish my crumb quilt.  Done for the Winter Blues hop 4. I've had a top that my great-aunt pieced for almost 10 years, it's time to finish that! Not done, I keep saying one day I’ll find a purple back in the backing remnants bin

December Goals

 In early November our school had to transition from in person learning to virtual learning and then they started allowing teachers to work from home a few days after my carpal tunnel procedure.  I think I will finally have some sewing time most days since I won’t have driving time most days.  So how did I do with  my November list?  1.finish hand quilting one baby quilt-done   One of my best friends works for my eye doctor’s office.  When the doctor announced tha5 she was expecting she asked me if I could make a quilt with glasses fabric which turned into a Harry Potter quilt featuring his glasses on most fabrics.  She picked the fabrics and pattern and helped with the steps that weren’t sewing. (Although she can sew, we took 4H sewing together) it was so fun to work on this together. On the label we couldn’t decide between two Harry Potter quotes so we used both. “It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be,” and “mischief managed.” 2. machine quilt the other baby q