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Show your Stripes

 Today is my day for the Show your Stripes blog hop hosted by Carla of  Creatin in the Sticks  I love the creativity of the themes Carla and Carol come up with for these blog hops, but I have to admit when Carla announced the theme of stripes I wasn't going to participate.  I started sewing clothing when I was in 4h and I remember all the rules about trying to line stripes up perfectly...I'm not that kind of a sewist!  I had actually just told my quilt shop owner not to let me buy stripes for one of the projects I was looking to make this spring (After creating for this hop I ended up buying the stripes!)  I have a couple older quilts I think were made by my Great-aunt and one of my Gram's good friends and guess what both have stripes; they don't match and I still love them, so if that's not justification for stripes what is? After thinking about the stripe theme a while it hit me that I had a blue and browns stripe flannel and needed a super simple baby quilt for a

February Goals

 We made it the whole month of January with only one unscheduled virtual day, which is great for work planning but it means I lost my extra hour a day I could devote to sewing.  I had set a goal of 15 minutes a day minimum, and it did help me relax a little more after work.  I had told myself I wasn’t starting new projects unless they were for specific events, then a lot of my guild friends started posting about Temecula Quilt’s mini Monday quilt along and I caved, and started it in two color ways.   This past weekend Confessions of a Fabric Addict posted about  hands2help 2021  and I cut pieces for another project.  One of the “charities” is to give to front line workers in your own community and I have a recipient in mind for it.  I don’t know if peer pressure affects everyone so badly of if I’m more prone since I spend so much time around teens... How did I do on my January goals?  1. Like I said above 15 minutes or more a day of sewing-there were a few days I didn’t see but a lot t