February Goals

 We made it the whole month of January with only one unscheduled virtual day, which is great for work planning but it means I lost my extra hour a day I could devote to sewing.  I had set a goal of 15 minutes a day minimum, and it did help me relax a little more after work.  I had told myself I wasn’t starting new projects unless they were for specific events, then a lot of my guild friends started posting about Temecula Quilt’s mini Monday quilt along and I caved, and started it in two color ways. 

 This past weekend Confessions of a Fabric Addict posted about hands2help 2021 and I cut pieces for another project.  One of the “charities” is to give to front line workers in your own community and I have a recipient in mind for it.  I don’t know if peer pressure affects everyone so badly of if I’m more prone since I spend so much time around teens...

How did I do on my January goals? 

1. Like I said above 15 minutes or more a day of sewing-there were a few days I didn’t see but a lot that were longer

2. Finish quilting at least one of the quilts for myself.-I quilted two and put binding on one.  I didn’t really get pictures because it went right onto my bed.  I’ve really noticed a difference between battings and sleep better under this one-Kitty likes it too!

3. Quilt 2 baby quilts-done

4. Make a birthday present for one of the many January-February birthdays in our family-I got fabrics but haven’t actually started, good thing it’s small

5. Participate in the Hearts Afire blog hop-done!

I found out about two more babies at work and will soon know the gender of another, so there’s a lot more baby quilting to come.  So what’s on the February list

1. Bind the second quilt for myself

2. Finish  at least 2 of the baby quilts in progress 

3. Make that birthday present I slacked off on last month

4. Participate in the Show your Stripes Blog Hop

5. Keep up on my mini Monday quilt along

6. Get a top or two made for Hands2Help 2021.

7. I finally gave my cousin and his wife their wedding quilt-once both are home to open it together I need to post about it.

It looks like I’m ambitious this short month.  In non quilting goals a small group of friends at work have challenged each other to up our steps to reach 210,000 this month.  The accountability and cheering section do help with fitness goals. Our favorite YouTube trainer Lucy Wyndham Read is doing a February challenge which will help us reach our goal too.


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