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In the Kitchen

 I almost skipped this blog hop because I was really struggling with an idea for kitchen projects I hadn't already blogged about.  Then my local quilt shop left me know that the grill fabric I'd ordered (and forgotten about) had arrived.  Now I needed to come up with an idea for both the fabric and the blog hop.  I pondered a while and decided that we're quickly approaching the time when in the kitchen really involves prepping the food to go outside to the grill (or better yet the campfire!) and with Mother's Day approaching I could make a table runner for my mother-in-law.  She's one of the more difficult people to shop for because she likes to pick her own things out but she always likes to use one of the table-runners my sister-in-law or I make her and she doesn't have a summer one yet.  I love bright colors in my quilts so I decided to highlight the brights of the grills.  I also thought it would be nice to set them so that from either side of the table you