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Orange You Glad

 Carla  couldn't have possibly known how appropriate this hop would be for me.  Our challenge was to make a project featuring orange and the MS awareness ribbon is orange. The timing made this especially appropriate, I requested August 19 because it is exactly one year since I heard "we need to do more testing to rule out MS." I had been experiencing numbness in my hand that was initially attributed to a pinched nerve but wasn't responding to treatments and an MRI showed possible lesions.  I went for testing and at the end of September they confirmed an MS diagnosis.   I'd been considering making myself an orange ribbon wallhanging from Sew Kind of Wonderful ‘s free pink ribbon pattern, for a while and conquer sewing curves in the process; this was the push I needed to get it completed.  Now I know it sounds odd to make a quilt commemorating my illness for "orange you glad."  I'm certainly not glad that I have MS, but in the year since I've learn

Door County Vacation

We had been scheduled to take a cruise over the 4th this year, so when that was cancelled we started to talk about where else we could go.  With many museums and indoor attractions still not open we wanted something that we could spend the majority of the time outside, somewhere we could camp and we wanted to add at least one state to our visited totals, so we were definitely traveling west.  I came across a post from another blogger I follow from a few years ago in which they compared Door County Wisconsin to the Outer Banks in North Carolina and ran it by my husband.  Initially he couldn't imagine Wisconsin being like the Outer Banks but once we started to research he agreed.   We were very late to the planning process but were able to get a site at Fish Creek Campground, which we estimated would be a nice central location on the Peninsula.  I am always nervous booking private campgrounds because some are very close together and you never know what to expect with the bathrooms (a