Sunday short list

This week was the first I've felt like I had time to sit at my sewing machine and relax.  I have been doing some hand quilting in the evenings while my husband and I watch tv because I know it's important to spend time with him even with the stress of this school year (or maybe even more so) and I can do hand quilting in the living room.  I even made a quilt top that wasn't on my list!

So how did I do with the actual list???1. continue to work on hand quilting a present-I finished the length rows and started on the widths and they are going much more quickly!2. post about the two birthday presents I gave this week-which means my husband needs to give me some ideas where to photograph one of them.-We're still trying to decide where to photography my husband's present3. baste a baby quilt before the baby arrives-I have the quilt clamped to the table but I need to finish pinning.  
Our anniversary is this week and we have plans to return to our wedding location one even…

Sunday Short list

I forgot to post my Sunday Short list last week.  My husband had been away and got home Sunday, we had to clean out the garage at our old house before closing Monday, and then we were relaxing and it just slipped my mind.  I still haven't had much time for my projects but I did accomplish some things, and gave away two quilts this week!  So how did I do with my list from two weeks ago1. Continue working on hand quilting a present-I'm making some progress I'll soon be ready to start stitching the other direction.  2. Post about camp from Labor Day -done 3. Work on some Christmas presents-I have decided that I'll finish the ones I have started but it's just not feasible to have a handmade Christmas.  I'll support local businesses instead 4. Post in the Hello Fall Blog Hop-done and the responses were overwhelming. 
So what's on the list for this week?  It’s still been a real struggle to have time for my projects so it’s really short.  1. continue to work on hand qu…

Little Pine State Park

My parents picked Little Pine for our Labor Day camping trip and invited family friends along.  We used to camp together at least once a year, but it’s been a few years since all three family schedules have made a larger group trip possible.  Even this year, the daughter wasn’t able to join us because she was busy with last minute wedding tasks.  We booked sites next to each other in the hopes that we could park facing each other. While that didn’t work our site was plenty big enough for us to gather together on one.  
One of the activities we have always enjoyed on our camping trips is kayaking.  This trip the lake was far lower than my parents have been there before.  I wasn’t able to kayak as long due to my wrist but it was nice while it lasted and we were able to see an eagle soaring overhead.  

Sunday we took a walk on the Pine Creek Rail Trail.  I suggested it thinking we’d go about two miles total we ended up walking around five.  Other than my toes blistering I was shocked how …

Hello Fall

When this hop was announced I knew just what I wanted to work on.  I’m the Vice President of my quilt group and pick a block each month for members to make for our disaster victim quilts.  Last fall I’d picked a leaf block and hadn’t gotten them out together so I figured it was an ideal fall project.  I didn’t have enough leafs so I combined them with Mr. Roosevelt’s necktie blocks.  Once the top is done another lady usually ties and binds them.    Then I think I got a case of quilters ADD and started several more fall projects. I’ve wanted to make a quilt with veteran outline for Veterans and Memorial Days for a couple years, I have the saluting soldier outline picked and the background, I just need to get them put together.   Then I decided I needed to use a Halloween charm collection I had from Connecting Threads a couple years ago.   When I was looking for those charm blocks I came across a few remaining pieces from a table runner I made my mother-in-law and used them as a leader an…

Sunday shortlist

Last week I kept my list short to accommodate the realities of teaching this year.  Did I make it short enough? Not really...1. Continue working on hand quilting a present -I made a little progress but not much2. Post about camp and the arboretum-I decided there wasn’t much to say about the arboretum I hadn’t said, but I did post about Parker Dam3. Work on some Christmas presents-it might be a gift card Christmas at this rate!
I am really hoping for some quilting time this coming week, I know I need it for stress what’s on this week’s list. 1. Continue working on hand quilting a present  2. Post about camp from Labor Day 

3. Work on some Christmas presents 4. Post in the Hello Fall Blog Hop-here are the other bloggers participating  Monday, September 21st
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Tuesday, September 22nd
Quilting …

Parker Dam State Park

For several years my husband and I helped with the musical at my school and then rented a cabin the weekend after our performances.  Parker Dam was one of the first parks we rented a cabin at and we saw enough to know we'd like to visit again but it was too cold to explore much-if I'm remembering correctly I also had a lot of grad school reading that weekend.  Over the course of the summer I saw several friends post about visiting Parker Dam so we finally made that return trip just before inservice for school.  Our first night was raining but Saturday turned into a beautiful day.  

The spillway was flowing much more than I remembered and I enjoyed the rocks around the campground.

Sunday before we left we walked a boardwalk trail built by one of the local schools' conservation club. 
Parker Dam is one of the many parks built by the CCC and has a museum near the lake-unfortunately the museum was not open when we tried to visit.  I guess we'll just have to go back. 

Sunday Shortlist

Two weeks ago when I posted my short list, I wasn’t thinking about being away Sunday at camp when it would be time to see how I did. I have to admit it was a rough two weeks and I wasn’t able to find much time to sew or blog.  The past couple years I’d made it a goal not to have to bring school home.  It’s clear that goal won’t be achievable this year, so my revised goal is not to work on schoolwork past 7:00 in the evening.  So much just seems to be taking longer this year, but hopefully I’ll get a pattern down and that will improve.  So with two weeks to work on my list how did it go?1. Bind some recently finished projects-one done, one waiting to be done Kittious loved “helping”

2. Continue to work on hand quilting a present-I think I made a little progress but not much 3.Keep making Christmas presents-I didn’t make any progress. 4. post about the arboretum-no 5. post about camp-no 6. finish a gift for a special friend-I delivered it this afternoon but didn’t take any pictures.
Next wee…