Backyard Friends

Throughout this time of stay at home I've been more aware of the animals that surround us.  During my first virtual faculty meeting I had a little bunny running through my basement work area(we're hoping it ran in while we had the garage door open for a camp fire and not that it lives in our basement) and this morning I saw a fox.  Those are the only real backyard friends we have out here, but that didn't keep me from enjoying the Backyard Friends block swap from FatCat patterns.
I've said before I just love Sindy's patterns because they're cute and easy to follow.  I joined her Facebook group where she posts previews and free patterns and back in the winter she held a block swap.  Since it is appliqué you sent fused pieces but the recipient chose their background.  I just wanted a small wall hanging to go where I've had the snow people hanging inside our door, so I sent 6 pairs of blocks and kept 2 pairs myself.  Each pair was a house and a tree so I had …

It’s Cool to Be Square

Back in March when Carol announced this blog hop I thought I’d be going back to school after just two weeks, but I’d started using some scrap squares I’d started to sew together as leaders and enders, so I knew I’d have at least one project.  I had seen two different blocks I’d saved to try,  it both called for 2.5 inch squares.  I prefer sewing bigger pieces so I modified them to match the squared square I wanted to sew.  Fast forward to the school being closed and starting online learning and I was so happy for those four patches, because I could get the stress relief of sewing, without having to put too much thought into what I was doing.
My quilt group has a two community projects that were one of the big reasons I decided to join.  Back in 2017 when I was invited to a meeting I knew I wanted to have more quilting friends that I could learn from and be inspired by, but I was nervous that the members would be far more skilled than me, or that they’d be quilt police.  When I went to…

Sunday Shortlist

This was a very good week in comparison to recent weeks.  I was able to spend more time outside, we had a campfire mid week, I read a good bit, and we got to go explore a little.
 I also did some crocheting.  Even better, the governor announced that our county is moving to the yellow phase next week, so we may start to be able to get out more.  However I really didn’t get anything  significant done on my list from last Sunday.
1.  finish the top for my mystery quilt-this should have said memory instead of mystery...I finished the 12 blocks and I got fabric for sashing. So I made progress but I’m still not sure I won’t make it larger. 
2. work on my Stitching Sunshine blog hop project-it’s still in the project box. 
3. photograph my block swap quilt-I did get this done, I’m hoping to get a post written soon
4. Organize my craft room a bit more to try to find the fabric for a baby quilt-I looked but decided if I was ordering some other fabrics I may as well just order more Kona Snow; the y…

Sunday Short List

This past week I had some productive days and others where I didn't feel like I'd done anything crafty.  I was able to find thread I thought I'd be waiting for the end of quaratine for so regardless of how I did with my list I was considering the week a win.  So how did my list go?
1. Bind my block swap quilt -done it is hanging but does still need a label and the same goes for my Hospital Sketches quilt

2. make real progress on the next memory quilt-I have one block finished and all the parts ready for the remainder, unless I decide to make it a little bigger
3. start either my mystery quilt (which has never been a mystery for me, and the rest of my group has completed) or a baby quilt.-for some reason I'm struggling with the mystery but I did finish a baby quilt top

4. baste my other block of the month from last year-I didn't get to this
5.  start planning for the It's Cool to Be Square Blog hop later in the month and maybe work on my project for Stitching Sunshin…

Sunday Short list

I feel like I've turned a corner in my new school routine.  The last packet to be mailed goes out tomorrow so I've got things prepared for the rest of the year, and I'm starting to feel like I'm in a routine.  I realized at one point that I was quilting a Civil War quilt, watching a WWII show and assigning readings about Vietnam.  I decided I shouldn't be so spread out across multiple time frame so I ordered Eleanor Burns' Victory Quilts to make a WWII quilt.  Of course by then I started a show about a different time period.  Once I decided to work on a WWII era quilt then I went on a search for fabric prints that would have been used at the time.  Many quilts then were done in solids which is always an option but I was kind of thinking of mirroring the prints seen in clothing during the war...which led me to Pinterest and other online searches for 1940s fashion.  I'm anxious to see what I ultimately come up with! Along with the book I ordered another fabri…

Baby Elephant Walk

In life we all have those friends we can go months without talking and pick up right where we left off.  My friend Amber is one of those friends for me, we've been friends since junior high and lived together when I first started teaching.  All three of the roommates got married within 6 months and life gets in the way so even though we live pretty close we don't always keep in real contact as well as we should.  Last year Amber and I were walking together pretty regularly but then the weather kept getting in the way and next thing I know it's been months since I saw her in person and I got an invitation to her baby shower.  I hadn't even known they were expecting, but I knew right away that I needed to make a quilt. The only problem was that the invitation arrived just after the quilt shops were closed as being non-essential.  Fortunately someone had asked about the theme for the nursery on the Facebook invitation so I had something to narrow my search down, I knew th…

Sunday Shortlist

After last week’s failure to accomplish any goals, I must have been more motivated this week.  I was able to find a little more sewing time and felt much better about the way things were going.  I also made progress on some landscaping goals and had some time by the fire.   So how did I do with my list
1. Photograph my mom’s quilt-the days I felt like I would be able to go to the location I wanted for photos weren’t nice weather predictions.  So I decided when my mom had to come get equipment to set her office up to give her the quilt so she could enjoy it until it was easier to photograph it 2. Quilt the baby quilt I have started and hopefully do a porch delivery-done and the mom was so happy with it
3. Finish at least one charm pack quilt-I finished 2 tops and have two more in progress 

4. Start the next memory quilt-I did a very small amount on this 5. Pick a pattern for another baby quilt.  (I have a few ideas)-I know of two babies needing quilts I decided that one of the quilts needed…