Sunday short list

With all the changes happening currently one of my bright spots has been having more time to sew.  So how did I do this pay week?
1. Continue working on the Hospital Sketches quilt, hopefully finishing the main blocks.-I didn’t finish the main blocks but I did make progress  2. Finish the top for my Mom’s quilt.-done! 
3. Make at least the top for a baby quilt.-done but I don’t want to post a picture and ruin a surprise 4. Organize the next memory quilt.-I have two big ideas competing in my mind, I need to pick just one and then go for it 5. Quilt a gift if there’s time. Not done I also started a new “traffic jam” (Pat Sloan’s free pattern) quilt from scraps. Not too bad, so what’s on next week’s list? 
1. Continue working on the Hospital Sketches quilt 2. Get batting and piece the backing for my mom’s quilt 3. Decide how to quilt the baby quilt 4. Finish the traffic jam quilt top 5. Organize my next memory quilt.

Shortlist Sunday

Last week I thought I would have a lot of sewing time because of our school closures.  I actually didn’t have as much sewing time as expected due to changing understandings of what we need to have prepared to move classes forward.  I’m not complaining when I say that; I know this is new to all of us.  My husband was also ordered to work from home starting Monday, but if anything that only cost me a couple hours of sewing while I organized a second area of our home to be a workplace. I still accomplished more than I would have in a normal week and I was able to help my mom with her surgery recovery when my dad had to return to work.  I also found out a friend is expecting relatively soon, so I added a project. So what did I accomplish?
1. Continue working on my Hospital Sketches quilt.-I am making a lot of progress on this as it can easily go with me to my parents.
2. Continue working on the blocks for my mom’s quilt-done I should be able to finish the top this week 3. Quilt another gift…

Short list Sunday

Last week I said I knew I wasn’t going to have much time for sewing and I expected it to be stressful, but I had no idea how stressful it would be!  So how did I do on my list
1. Continue hand quilting the hospital sketches-I got a little more done 
2. Continue working on the blocks for my mom’s quilt-60 block centers are done, only 20 to go.3. Possibly make a block of this new pattern for a present or our challenge quilt for next years retreat.-no4. Pick an octopus block for appliqué.-the book I thought had an octopus had a jellyfish.  I think I’m going with it though  I had expected this coming week to be hand quilting on Monday while my mom has a surgery. However, the hospital’s precautions mean I’m waiting for a call, so I’ll probably be at my machine. Then I have the rest of the week off unexpectedly, although I do have some schoolwork to catch up on. So what’s on my list... 1.Continue hand quilting the hospital sketches
2. Continue working on the blocks for my mom’s quilt 3. Quilt an…

Short list Sunday

I had quilt retreat from Thursday evening to Saturday evening, so I was hoping to get a lot done last week. How did I do?
1. Continue hand quilting on my Hospital Sketches quilt.-one more block finished
2. This is the week for Dust off an Old Quilt Book-my day is Wednesday.  -done but there were definitely older books so I need to up my antique quilt book game!
3.  Finish that Villa Rosa Quilt top-done

4. quilt the quilt I pin basted for retreat-done but I didn’t quilt it at retreat anyhow 
5.  Get at least the majority of my mom's quilt from my Pop's shirt done-I left another project distract me, but I did at least make progress
6. Pack for retreat and not forget anything-I didn’t forget anything per say but I should have taken paper scissors. 
This week I know I’m not likely to get much sewing time so it’s a very short list 
1. Continue hand quilting the hospital sketches
2. Continue working on the blocks for my mom’s quilt
3. Possibly make a block of this new pattern for a present or…

Dust off an Old Quilt Book

Last year when this blog hop came around I remember thinking I should really start a blog because it sounded so fun to dig out your old quilt books and make something.  So now that I've started blogging I had to join in.  Bea organized this hop and did a fantastic job with it.  I am a sucker for books and old quilt books are sometimes even harder for me to pass up.
Right after I signed up I went to look for two discarded library books I thought I'd picked up but I only found one of them.  No big deal since the copyright was 1978.  While I was sure there may be quilters with older books I figured 1978 is before I was born so it counted as old for me. I had a project picked out (which is not what I ultimately made) when I went to our local library book sale.  Looking through their book boxes I found two older craft books that begged to come home with me.  So if one project from an old quilt book is good three must be even better right!
From my first book I planned to make this …

Short List Sunday

Last week I mentioned that I'd started another physical book and wasn't sure if it would prevent my from accomplishing everything.  I also knew one night was going to be lost to quilting because I'd be home alone with the animals and Sirius isn't the best at staying out of things in the evening. So this week wasn't the most productive quilting did I do?
1. Keep working on hand quilting the Hospital Sketches quilt.-I got a little bit done but not much
2. Continue prepping Penguins for my Penguin Cheer quilt.-my poor penguins haven't been getting much love.  This week I know I'm not likely going to get much done.
3. Quilt my two small projects for Dust off an Old Quilt Book blog hop-I got one done but I still need to work on the other one. 

4. Finish another Villa Rosa quilt top I started over the weekend.-I made progress but not a finish.
5. Start an ornament from a different book for the Dust off and Old Quilt Book Blog Hop-done
6. Write a post about t…

Shortlist Sunday

Last Sunday I knew I was likely to be spending some time reading rather than quilting, so my list reflects that. Lately I’ve been listening to audiobooks while sewing, but I had been waiting on this physical book for months. It’s harder to read a physical book while quilting, Lol!
I requested Lisa Wingate and Judy Christie’s Before and After from inter library loan the day the book was released, but something happened with the request so I didn’t get it until my library purchased it this month.  I’ve loved all the Lisa Wingate books I’ve read and especially Before we were Yours, so I knew I would enjoy the non fiction accounts of the Georgia Tann  children.  I read half the book in one sitting.  So with all that reading how did I do with my list.
Color it red blog hop hosted by Carol of Just Let me Quilt post on Friday-done! I’m blown away by the responses when I do a blog hop. 
2. Finish the fire victim top I started this morning-done! Although I may decide to add a border
This was a Vi…