Sunday Shortlist

This week had some unexpected plot twists.  I am a reader but I've never been into graphic novels, but I saw something that made me think some of my student may understand history better in that format; however before suggesting a graphic novel I need to be sure their facts are I spent a fair amount of time reading books related to my content and picking some that might work for my students.  I loved some of them (March and Maus) but didn't think they would work for the purpose I need.  Of course reading physical books means I'm not able to sew as much-thank God for Audiobooks!  Then one of my best friends was in need of a babysitter because one of the regulars is a student in the district I live in and they started at normal time.  I have been wanting to go to the Arboretum at Penn State University Park for a while now and I thought the kids might also enjoy it.  I kind of expected I wouldn't see as much with two  kids along, but they really did well with all the parts, not just the children's garden.  The first thing Eliza said was I should have brought my camera.  Both kids took pictures on my phone and got some great shots.  Again I didn't get to sew that day but I made memories with two of my favorite kids and that's more important!  

Then we spent the weekend camping and relaxing.  Somewhere along the line I convinced myself that my husband didn't like the game Dutch Blitz, this weekend I learned that's not true! 

So with all the unexpected activities how did I do on my list?

 1. Bind some recently finished projects-lets be real-I'd rather do many other things than bind so this is moving to next week's list

2. Continue to work on hand quilting a present-I did a little
3. Get backings for my Hello Fall projects-I got one backing I didn't see others that suited me
4. Make those last few masks-Done 
5. Post about the baby quilt I delivered this week. -Done
6. Keep making Christmas presents-I realized one idea didn't work but I added another that I really liked.
So not a terrible week for my projects all things considered...
This week I have inservice much of the week and another camp trip so what's on my to do list?
1. Bind some recently finished projects
2. Continue to work on hand quilting a present
3.Keep making Christmas presents
4. post about the arboretum
5. post about camp
6. finish a gift for a special friend


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