Sunday Shortlist

 This past week ended up being busier than I expected, but I also allowed myself some sewing time to make up for the retreat I had to cancel for a family situation.  My school did vote to delay the start, as I expected last week, and one of the days I’d planned to work on my room the building was closed for waxing the floors, so I gave myself permission to play. I even worked on two projects I didn’t list. So how did I do on my list?

1. Finish tying the quilt I started this week-done
2. Make a few Christmas gifts-I got some started
3. Finish the final top for the Hello Fall blog hop-done with a bonus; it may not look like a fall project but I’ll explain during the blog hop

4. Continue hand quilting a present-I made a little progress
5.just a couple more masks-I’m struggling to make myself do these.  
So what’s on the agenda this week?  
1. Bind some recently finished projects
2. Continue to work on hand quilting a present
3. Get backings for my Hello Fall projects
4. Make those last few masks
5. Post about the baby quilt I delivered this week. 
6. Keep making Christmas presents


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