Sunday Shortlist

Just when I think I’ve got this quarantine figured out things change.  Now it seems I have more time to plan for school and stress craft.  I have come to realize that the more I craft the less I freak out, so it was another productive week.  I am working on lesson plans, but I reward myself with time at my sewing machine-it’s healthier than rewarding myself with chocolate,right? So how did I do this week?

1. Continue our vacation posts-done! one more stop left

2. Post about my Hospital Sketches quilt-done!

3. Try tying a quilt-I finished one and started another
4. Masks, masks, masks-I probably have enough now but I’m going to make just a few more
5. Start working on Christmas gifts so I’m not panicking at Thanksgiving -I got one small gift made, and got some ideas for store bought gifts that I’ll be buying soon.
6. Finish at least one top for Hello Fall blog hop.-I finished 2 and started one more
I scheduled several appointments this week thinking that I’d get them done just before school starts.  I’m not expecting a lot of craft time left after appointments and school work, so what’s on my list?
1. Finish tying the quilt I started this week
2. Make a few Christmas gifts 
3. Finish the final top for the Hello Fall blog hop 
4. Continue hand quilting a present 
5.just a couple more masks


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