Sunday Shortlist

 I accomplished a lot more quilting this week than I expected.  I even started a few more projects for the Hello Fall blog hop.  The end of summer is always a surge of crafting time because when school opens it takes time to adjust and I don’t always have the energy for sewing.  At the end of the week I had to switch to making more masks for myself and a coworker.  

1. Photograph my Hospital Sketches Quilt-done we had a great weekend near Gettysburg. We went to the battlefield early each morning to beat the crowds and get my pictures. 

2. Put a label on the baby quilt I finished-done, now I need to get it to the baby

3. Get the next baby quilt into a top-done

4. Attempt tying a quilt again (my hand is doing a little better so hopefully I can tie)-not done, hopefully this week

5. Post about more of vacation-one more stop posted
6. Bind some quilts-I just finished the second
7. Start testing to Christmas gift ideas-I made a few things obviously I’m not posting them just yet.  I’m participating in the From the Heart blog hop in October with my gift ideas.
I also had my niece over to do some ice dying.  It was fun for both of us.  
She asked to do it again, so if I can find more dye colors this week that’s a possibility.  
So what’s on the list this coming week?
1. Continue our vacation posts
2. Post about my Hospital Sketches quilt
3. Try tying a quilt
4. Masks, masks, masks
5. Start working on Christmas gifts so I’m not panicking at Thanksgiving 
6. Finish at least one top for Hello Fall blog hop.


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