Chief Logan State Park

I’ve been interested in the Hatfields and McCoys feud for years, so when we started discussing a closer vacation this year, my husband suggested trying to explore sites related to the feud.  Chief Logan appeared to be the closest state park to that region, so I made our reservations.   I was really impressed with our site other than the fact that the previous occupants left it a real mess.  We don’t typically complain, but among other things they left broken glass and I was concerned that someone could get hurt, so we did report it to the campground hosts.  There was a cute little brook running next to the site and it was well shaded.  
We drove around the first night and then got hit with some storms.  

The next morning we set off to find Hatfield and McCoys sites, but after we found Devil Anse grave we realized almost everything on our list was pretty remote and between each item we’d be driving to search for enough network to find the next thing...I think I’d actually read before that there weren’t really many places to visit and that the bigger attraction today is the ATV trails. 

We really enjoyed driving around and seeing the terrain though, so it wasn’t a total loss.  We also found a very nice veterans memorial on the side of the highway.  Back at the park we visited the museum, which tells about a lot of areas of West Virginia history, and especially a dam that broke in that area.  Of course the quilt exhibit was one of my favorite parts.

After the museum we walked a trail in a break in the rain. Throughout the park there are displays for the pioneer cabins, the railroad, mines and Native American history in the area.

Since the rain made camp fire difficult we played some games in the camper.  When we camp with my parents and some family friends Jenga is always a favorite so we bought it for the camper but hadn’t really used it.  I think our little table adds  an extra layer of difficulty, but it worked in my favor this time! 
The facilities at Chief Logan were nice, but dated in some ways and there wasn’t a dishwashing area.  Overall I would definitely return to this area for the scenery and a relaxing weekend. I’d especially like to see it in the fall.


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