Knoebel's Lake Glory

    Knoebel's is a favorite summer and fall destination for us.  While we both enjoyed roller coasters when we were younger, we've been finding that they don't like us as much anymore so it is hard to justify the expense of a lot of parks. We try to go at least one time during the regular season and again for the Halloween event every year.  They also have a doggie dive in the pool the weekend after Labor Day that we enjoyed last year and are hoping to make a yearly event.  In the past when we've camped at Knoebel's we've always camped at the campground on site so we could walk to and from the park on our own schedule and enjoyed it.  This time we decided to visit the off site campground called Lake Glory since the park won't be open until at least July so distance to the park wasn't an issue. 
    Lake Glory was quieter, at least while we were there, and had more scenery to enjoy.

    When we were still tent camping we liked the platform sites available at the park campground and I didn't see any at Lake Glory, but that certainly wouldn't be a deal breaker for us.  There is a shuttle bus that run from Lake Glory to the park, but we agreed that we'd probably drive so we didn't have to worry about the bus being crowded or missing the scheduled time for pick up.

There were many sites open when I called to reserve and when she said they had a creekside section I thought that sounded nice so we had a tent site with electric right next to the creek.  There is also a covered bridge loop with varying visibility of the bridge, but it is still a part of the road system so when I walked that way I did hear cars crossing multiple times.
    I love the view, but I think the sound would disturb my sleep a little, while where we were the sounds of the creek flowing by were very soothing.
There is a basketball court, playground, game room and plenty of fishing areas within the campground.  I think the area by our campsite was one of the most popular fishing/wading spots. We decided to visit some farm markets and other local businesses while in the area and enjoyed the time just relaxing.


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