Short List Sunday

Last week when I was planning I knew I’d still be doing my online teaching, although I didn’t know I’d definitely be out of my classroom for the rest of the year.  I knew I needed to make some changes in how I was approaching things to take care of myself and one was lowering my expectations of what I could do with the evenings while I adjust to this new way of doing things.  So how did I do?
1. Continue working on the Hospital Sketches-I’m slowly making progress.  However, this quilt is for me, so it’s not as high of a priority.
2. Get the baby quilt at least basted-I basted and started quilting and then Sirius destroyed my thread...I immediately contacted my local quilt shop owner, she is currently only able to ship but she had a spool in stock, so thread should arrive tomorrow.  Needless to say I ordered more than just a spool of thread. 

3. Finish at least one of the charm pack quilts-I didn’t quite finish, but I’m close
4. Order supplies for the memory quilts.-done and I even finished my mom’s.
I also had the blocks for a swap arrive in the mail and starting appliquéing those.
Not bad considering.  I also spent a lot more time outside than I expected for some sense of normalcy.  This coming week is not to be so nice outside, so that may help me be more productive. So what’s on the list
1. Photograph my mom’s quilt
2. Quilt the baby quilt I have started and hopefully do a porch delivery
3. Finish at least one charm pack quilt
4. Start the next memory quilt
5. Pick a pattern for another baby quilt.  (Fabric is coming with the thread)
6. Finish at least the appliqué on my block swap.


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