Shortlist Sunday

Last week I thought I would have a lot of sewing time because of our school closures.  I actually didn’t have as much sewing time as expected due to changing understandings of what we need to have prepared to move classes forward.  I’m not complaining when I say that; I know this is new to all of us.  My husband was also ordered to work from home starting Monday, but if anything that only cost me a couple hours of sewing while I organized a second area of our home to be a workplace. I still accomplished more than I would have in a normal week and I was able to help my mom with her surgery recovery when my dad had to return to work.  I also found out a friend is expecting relatively soon, so I added a project. So what did I accomplish?
1. Continue working on my Hospital Sketches quilt.-I am making a lot of progress on this as it can easily go with me to my parents.
This is the back of my Hospital Sketches.  I LOVE it.
2. Continue working on the blocks for my mom’s quilt-done I should be able to finish the top this week
While I don’t have all the quarter blocks together I had to preview the finished blocks.  
3. Quilt another gift-I didn’t have time to work on this, but it isn’t needed. 
4. Prepare for another memory quilt project.-not yet.  If I finish mom’s then I’ll start the next one.
All in all not bad.  So what am I hoping to accomplish this week.
1. Continue working on the Hospital Sketches quilt, hopefully finishing the main blocks.
2. Finish the top for my Mom’s quilt.
3. Make at least the top for a baby quilt.
4. Organize the next memory quilt.
5. Quilt a gift if there’s time. 


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