Short List Sunday

Last week I mentioned that I'd started another physical book and wasn't sure if it would prevent my from accomplishing everything.  I also knew one night was going to be lost to quilting because I'd be home alone with the animals and Sirius isn't the best at staying out of things in the evening. So this week wasn't the most productive quilting did I do?
1. Keep working on hand quilting the Hospital Sketches quilt.-I got a little bit done but not much
2. Continue prepping Penguins for my Penguin Cheer quilt.-my poor penguins haven't been getting much love.  This week I know I'm not likely going to get much done.
3. Quilt my two small projects for Dust off an Old Quilt Book blog hop-I got one done but I still need to work on the other one. 

4. Finish another Villa Rosa quilt top I started over the weekend.-I made progress but not a finish.
5. Start an ornament from a different book for the Dust off and Old Quilt Book Blog Hop-done
6. Write a post about the disaster victim top-I decided against making a post about just one top.  Once I make a few more I'll post about them
7. Pin baste at least one quilt and start organizing projects and supplies for quilt retreat in under 2 weeks.-I got pin basting done and some organizing but I have more to do.
So this week I have my retreat and that hopefully means lots of productivity!
1. Continue hand quilting on my Hospital Sketches quilt.
2. This is the week for Dust off an Old Quilt Book-my day is Wednesday.  I like all my projects and all my books are older than me.  
3.  Finish that Villa Rosa Quilt top
4. quilt the quilt I pin basted for retreat
5.  Get at least the majority of my mom's quilt from my Pop's shirt done
6. Pack for retreat and not forget anything!  


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