Shortlist Sunday

Last week I posted my list of projects for the week, but I wasn’t happy with the name since make a list isn’t alliterative with Sunday.  I asked my Facebook friends for ideas but None of them really sparked my interest.  Finally Saturday I came up with shortlist Sunday since my to do list is always longer than a week, these are the things that makes each week’s short list.
 I was feeling pretty ambitious on Sunday, when I made the list, but  forgot to factor in the ear infection I’m still recovering from, or running around to pick up one of the cars from the garage, so how did I do?
Well, I made progress on almost everything...
1. Transfer my posts from my other blog site to this one. (About 3/4 done)
2. Label 4 finished quilts. (Done
3. Work on quilting a wedding quilt for a friend (nearly finished]
Progress shot on wedding quilt.

4. Post in The Winter Blues blog hop (done!)
5. Make more crumb blocks for a new scrap quilt (I didn’t get many blocks cut to size, but I did do some sewing)
6. Make the final block for one of last year’s blocks of the month (didn’t even touch this one)
I was given this by one of my students this week.  I love it!
7. Finish piecing this disaster victim quilt for my group from donated blocks. (I made progress but then I had to make friends with Jack the Ripper multiple times)

 Overall I’m pleased with what I did accomplish, but some things are getting moved to next week.  
What do I want to achieve this coming week...
1. Finish quilting and bind the wedding quilt
2. Transfer the remaining blog posts
3. Finish the disaster victim quilt top
4. Make the final block in at least one of the blocks of the month from last year.
5. Cut another disaster victim quit (preferably our 
6. Continue to make progress on a new crumb quilt
7. Make some progress on my memory quilt for my mom. 


  1. WOW you sure are busy! I like your idea of making a list of things you want to accomplish for the week.


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