Make a list Sunday

One of the quilt bloggers I really admire,Confessions of a Fabric Addict, does a weekly feature called Make a List Monday.  I enjoy reading those each week because she’s very realistic about what she does and doesn’t complete from her list. I decided I liked this idea enough to copy it for myself. I do seem to do a little better if I make a list myself, but I figure Sunday may be a more realistic day for me to evaluate since I don’t have school.
Some of the ladies in my quilting group seem to always be amazed with how much I finish, but I really feel like I could do more. Some weeks I know will be harder to find my quilting time so those lists may be pretty short. This week I think I should be able to carve out a fair amount of sewing time so my list is rather ambitious
1. Transfer my posts from my other blog site to this one.
2. Label 4 finished quilts.
3. Work on quilting a wedding quilt for a friend
4. Post in The Winter Blues blog hop
5. Make more crumb blocks for a new scrap quilt
6. Make the final block for one of last year’s blocks of the month
7. Finish piecing this disaster victim quilt for my group from donated blocks.


  1. Love this work in progress! Where did you find the material for your design wall?

  2. It is a June Tailor design wall I ordered from Amazon or Joann. I’ve heard that some people use tablecloths or large pieces of flannel but I didn’t have luck with those myself.


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