Forget me Not

I used Bonnie Hunter’s Idaho Square Dance
pattern from her book 
Addicted to Scraps,but set straight rather than on point.
My grandfather passed away last year just 5 days shy of his 90th birthday. I wanted to honor his memory by making a quilt for each of his children out of his clothing, so I gathered his shirts-for a frugal man he had a lot of clothing! I decided to make the quilts in birth order, partially because I needed to buy a pattern for my mom but I picked a free pattern for the oldest. When I was looking for neutral fabrics to supplement the shirts I found a fabric I really liked, then when they were cutting it I saw it was called Forget me Not. When I deconstructed the shirts I didn’t want the buttons to go to waste, so I used them when I tied the quilt. I nearly cried in the middle of the quilt shop! This past week (originally posted December 12, 2019) my uncle had a birthday so I gave him his quilt. Unfortunately I had procrastinated and put the binding and label on at the last minute so I wasn’t able to take as many pictures as I wanted. For the label I quoted Proverbs 20:7, which says “Children are fortunate if they have a father who is honest and does what is right.” Faith was a central part of my Pop’s life so his children (and grandchildren) were blessed to have his example. I used the same verse but a different translation for my Aunt’s quilt.

I chose the wildlife fabric because my uncle and Pop
were avid outdoorsmen.
The cream fabric on the corner is "forget me not"
Reading the label to see the patches were from Pop's shirts


  1. I love that you used your Grandfather's shirts to make quiltsfor his kids! What a nice memory for them! The fact that you even recycled the buttons is GREAT.


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