Do you Want to Build a Snowman?

Fat Cat Patterns makes some of my favorite applique patterns. I have been working on two of her block of the month projects and made several other projects that she designed. With all the projects I had/have underway I really didn't need another project when Sindy announced that she was doing a free block of the week of Frosty Friends II of course I added to my project list. I had taken my machine in for service and was anxious to do some sewing so I decided I could hand applique this since I didn't really have a timeline. Once I got started on this project I fell in love and had to finish it! I had a pastel tree fabric I thought would work for the backing and a purple for the backgrounds. I thought I had an ornament fabric for the borders but it didn't match because the backing was white and the ornaments were off white, so I didn't put borders on.

A lot of my stitching happened at the local quilt shop's sit and stitch and everyone was asking who it was for. I decided to give this to my Aunt who has asked for a purple quilt for several years. She also loves snowmen, so I asked her for a quote for the label. I didn’t end up using it because it was specific to snow men and all of mine are ladies. My condition for giving it was that I have to be able to keep it in PA until after our fairs and my group’s quilt tour. As much as I love how the pastels worked I think I want to make another one in more traditional colors for my own wall

This time for the label I put “Snowflakes are one of God’s most fragile creations, but look what happens when they stick together!” I do think I’ll use my aunt’s quote “the perfect man; he’s cool, well rounded and handy with a broom” for my blue background version.


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