Cozumel: Our First Port of Call

Cozumel was the only port of call we've previously visited during this cruise. Last time we rented a Jeep and drove to the back side of the island. While the scenery was amazing and my husband enjoyed a swim (unfortunately there wasn't a place for me to change so I didn't get to go in that time) we had some concerns about driving in a country we don't know well in isolated areas leading us to stick to the tourist areas this time around. 

We didn't dock at the same location as our previous cruise and I think this time we were closer to a lot of the shopping and had some nice views of the water. We walked almost a mile from the ship before turning around, then we decided to stop at a couple of the restaurants for a local drink and a snack before going back on board.

There were multiple people who painted themselves to look like a sculpture.

I think if we return to Cozumel a third time we'll do an organized excursion so we can see more of the island without being in isolated areas alone. I really enjoyed seeing how the local area was decorated for Christmas, there were nativities all over!


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