Dust off an Old Quilt Book

 Bea hosts a yearly blog hop in which the challenge is to make a project from an old quilt book in your collection.  Between my school library deaccessions and the public library book sales I have amassed quite a collection of old quilt books (at least relative compared to when I started quilting.  Oftentimes I look at the old projects and struggle to look beyond dated colors or the fact that they use templates instead of rotary cutting instructions.  After browsing through several I finally decided it was time to make a selection or I didn't stand a chance of finishing on time.  A Patchwork Alphabet is copyright 1993, so far from my oldest but still decently aged.  

This hop forced me to challenge through a project I’d likely not have made otherwise.  Since getting my Accuquilt I’ve been having some fun with half square triangles.  As I worked on the Temperance Tree I kept thinking of a line from Alias Grace (I think this is only in the Netflix series, not the book but it's been a little while since I watched or read it) in which she says she is working on a tree of paradise because every quilter should make that quilt at lease once in their life.  While this isn't the tree of paradise, it is similar in some ways and a little more my style.  I think I will get more of my background and make an entire quilt of Temperance Trees  I had some difficulties (due to not following directions-don't tell my students!) so my trunk is smaller than it is supposed to be, however that reminds me of a willow tree so I think I may keep making more that way. I think this will be a great way to use up scraps.  I didn't want to put the setting triangles on until later because I may choose a different color depending on what shows up most in my scraps.  

Here’s the list of the other participants!

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  1. An interesting way they made the tree trunk. Fun to see your version. Thanks for participating!

  2. Isn't it funny that we sometimes have such a hard time translating something old and dated into something new? You did a great job. Sweet tree.

  3. An hourglass for the trunk...cute! This is really a sweet block with those small HSTs.

  4. Hi Becky, there sure is a big difference in the way that we now write instructions as opposed to even 10 or 15 years ago. When I see an entire paragraph of instructions, my eyes just gloss over. Apparently we have the internet to thank for that! Your block is great and there is nothing wrong with switching things up like the tree trunk!.

  5. I love those autumnal tones that you have used in your tree. A great scrap project.

  6. Such a fun block to try and so much easier with the Accuquilt I'm sure.

  7. Lovely block, I like the tree trunck! Well done with the challenge ;)

  8. That is a book I've never looked at in all the years I've quilted. )I'm sure I thought it was all alphabet letters to make.) The tree is very interesting and I am sure a quilt made of scraps for all the trees would be so pretty.


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