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Time in a Bottle

 I've only recently started to enjoy making half square triangles, so when the theme for Time in a Bottle was announced I wasn't sure I'd participate.  I considered making a mug rug for game night with a hourglass applique but since the prompt specifically said the hourglass block I wasn't sure that would work.  Then when I started working on the Oh My Stars quilt I showed last month in the Tickled Pink blog hop, I realized I had a lot of bonus triangles I could use.  I have a tendency to throw those bonus triangles in my scrap bin and add them to crazy blocks but I decided I'd use them to make hourglasses this time.  By the time I trimmed them my hourglass was much smaller than I usually work with, but they weren't so bad to work with, until it came time for quilting.  Between a needle I should have replaced and a lot of joined seams the back has some areas that don't look so great-if it were something that would be seen I'd feel the need to tear it out

Dust off an Old Quilt Book

 Bea hosts a yearly blog hop in which the challenge is to make a project from an old quilt book in your collection.  Between my school library deaccessions and the public library book sales I have amassed quite a collection of old quilt books (at least relative compared to when I started quilting.  Oftentimes I look at the old projects and struggle to look beyond dated colors or the fact that they use templates instead of rotary cutting instructions.  After browsing through several I finally decided it was time to make a selection or I didn't stand a chance of finishing on time.  A Patchwork Alphabet is copyright 1993, so far from my oldest but still decently aged.   This hop forced me to challenge through a project I’d likely not have made otherwise.  Since getting my Accuquilt I’ve been having some fun with half square triangles.  As I worked on the Temperance Tree I kept thinking of a line from Alias Grace  (I think this is only in the Netflix series, not the book but it's