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Salt and Sand

As soon as the theme Salt and Sand was announced I had a lot of ideas, however when I think of the beach I usually go to bright colors not blue and tan.  Then while I was still trying to figure out what to make we stopped at a quilt shop not far from home and found an Ebb and Flow charm pack on sale.  Not only was it beach themed it was also the blue and tan.  I got the top made pretty quickly but then projects with a definite recipient plan took priority.   I have the backing purchased, but I wasn't able to get it quilted in time for the blog hop.  I would have loved to go to the ocean for pictures (any excuse for a break right now!) but we haven't been able to do that so I went to a local state park and got some lake shore pictures instead.   Check out all the other blog posts.  You’ll be inspired to visit a beach or quilt; maybe both! March 22 Creatin' in the Sticks Selina Quilts That Fabric Feeling Days Filled With Joy Elizabeth Coughlin Designs Karen's Korner Homes

March Goals

Time go away from me with February being a short month and we finally took a weekend away at the very end of the month.   Of course that meant a lot of playing catch up the first week of March, and I never got my post written. A couple of friends from work and I have been doing an exercise challenge to encourage each other.  I spent a lot of time I’d likely have spent quilting on my exercise as a result.  So how did I do on my February goals... 1. Bind the second quilt for myself-no 2. Finish  at least 2 of the baby quilts in progress- this happened but not until March 3. Make that birthday present I slacked off on last month-I think it’s now a Christmas present... 4. Participate in the Show your Stripes Blog Hop-done, but I’m not sure I managed to read all the other posts 5. Keep up on my mini Monday quilt along-done.  A new clue comes out tomorrow 6. Get a top or two made for Hands2Help 2021.  I just keep adding more scraps to my pile.  I did work on it a lot though 7. I finally gave