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Here comes the Sun

 Carol of  Just let me Quilt  had organized another great blog hop.  Our prompt this time was to create something sun related.  I went through a number of ideas, but kept coming back to the same one.  At m6 quilt retreat this spring, we had a demonstration of Dorset Buttons by a couple of the embroidery ladies.  They thought maybe we quilters could use them for embellishments and gave us each a kit to make two.  When watching the demonstration I thought watching it was mesmerizing but couldn’t see myself making them.  A couple weeks later we had a teacher wellness day and one session was an hour of doing your own crafts.  I wanted something small enough to take to work so I took my kit and realized they were fun and the small ones weren’t nearly as time consuming as I expected.  I am starting to make some into jewelry and wreaths and hoping to sell at some local craft events.   Several of my early buttons My first Dorset Button When I made the pastel wreath, I thought it would take a d