A parting present

When we found out our principal was leaving our school and taking a position back in the classroom I had to make a throw quilt for her parting gift.  I was really upset to see her leave, because she was so supportive and reminded us to take time for ourselves.  Fortunately she stayed in our district so she will still be in department meetings. 
I didn't have a lot of time to work so I chose a charm pack with bright cheerful colors that I knew she'd love. I had just bought the Giggles card from VillaRosa designs so I used that pattern but enlarged it slightly to use the full charm packs. Over Christmas vacation we took a trip to Washington's Crossing State Park and Valley Forge National Park; with both of us now being history teachers it only made sense to take the quilt with me and take pictures. 


  1. Beautiful quilt - and a Great parting gift. What a great place to photograph your quilt!! that is an awesome location!


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