Sunday shortlist

Last week I kept my list short to accommodate the realities of teaching this year.  Did I make it short enough? Not really...

 1. Continue working on hand quilting a present -I made a little progress but not much

2. Post about camp and the arboretum-I decided there wasn’t much to say about the arboretum I hadn’t said, but I did post about Parker Dam

3. Work on some Christmas presents-it might be a gift card Christmas at this rate!

I am really hoping for some quilting time this coming week, I know I need it for stress what’s on this week’s list.
1. Continue working on hand quilting a present 
2. Post about camp from Labor Day 

3. Work on some Christmas presents
4. Post in the Hello Fall Blog Hop-here are the other bloggers participating 
Monday, September 21st

Tuesday, September 22nd
Wednesday, September 23rd
Thursday, September 24th


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