Sunday Shortlist

 Two weeks ago when I posted my short list, I wasn’t thinking about being away Sunday at camp when it would be time to see how I did. I have to admit it was a rough two weeks and I wasn’t able to find much time to sew or blog.  The past couple years I’d made it a goal not to have to bring school home.  It’s clear that goal won’t be achievable this year, so my revised goal is not to work on schoolwork past 7:00 in the evening.  So much just seems to be taking longer this year, but hopefully I’ll get a pattern down and that will improve.  So with two weeks to work on my list how did it go?

1. Bind some recently finished projects-one done, one waiting to be done Kittious loved “helping”

2. Continue to work on hand quilting a present-I think I made a little progress but not much
3.Keep making Christmas presents-I didn’t make any progress.
4. post about the arboretum-no
5. post about camp-no
6. finish a gift for a special friend-I delivered it this afternoon but didn’t take any pictures.

Next weekend will hopefully bring a visit to a college friend, and I know work will continue to take a lot more time so I’m not adding anything new to my list.  
1. Continue working on hand quilting a present 
2. Post about camp and the arboretum 
3. Work on some Christmas presents


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