Parker Dam State Park

For several years my husband and I helped with the musical at my school and then rented a cabin the weekend after our performances.  Parker Dam was one of the first parks we rented a cabin at and we saw enough to know we'd like to visit again but it was too cold to explore much-if I'm remembering correctly I also had a lot of grad school reading that weekend.  Over the course of the summer I saw several friends post about visiting Parker Dam so we finally made that return trip just before inservice for school.  Our first night was raining but Saturday turned into a beautiful day.  

The spillway was flowing much more than I remembered and I enjoyed the rocks around the campground.

Sunday before we left we walked a boardwalk trail built by one of the local schools' conservation club. 

Parker Dam is one of the many parks built by the CCC and has a museum near the lake-unfortunately the museum was not open when we tried to visit.  I guess we'll just have to go back. 


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