Little Pine State Park

 My parents picked Little Pine for our Labor Day camping trip and invited family friends along.  We used to camp together at least once a year, but it’s been a few years since all three family schedules have made a larger group trip possible.  Even this year, the daughter wasn’t able to join us because she was busy with last minute wedding tasks.  We booked sites next to each other in the hopes that we could park facing each other. While that didn’t work our site was plenty big enough for us to gather together on one.  

One of the activities we have always enjoyed on our camping trips is kayaking.  This trip the lake was far lower than my parents have been there before.  I wasn’t able to kayak as long due to my wrist but it was nice while it lasted and we were able to see an eagle soaring overhead.  

Sunday we took a walk on the Pine Creek Rail Trail.  I suggested it thinking we’d go about two miles total we ended up walking around five.  Other than my toes blistering I was shocked how well I handled the distance.  I definitely need to find more rail trails.

The campground was nice and quiet even on a holiday weekend.  Our site was one of my favorites in the whole campground, other than being right next to the playground area.  I am hoping to return in the fall some year.


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