Sunday Shortlist

This week wasn’t very productive.  We needed to get a brake installed for the truck and that took 2 trips, and another day was spent on doctors visits. Our camping relaxation was very needed!  So how Did the list go...
1. Camping for the 4th-done
2. Continue hand quilting a present-I worked on another project instead-oops!
3. My friend is coming to plan a baby quilt-she drew everything out beforehand so the only thing I needed to do was suggest a couple changes in arrangement and calculate yardage to order
4. Make plans for vacation and pray they don’t have to change again-we decided to change from visiting the Great Smoky Mountains to visiting West Virginia so we only have one other state’s protocol to consider.  I’m working on our reservations now. 
My sewing machine is done so what’s on this week’s list? 
1. Make reservations for vacation 
2. Make progress on hand quilting the present
3. Get the rest of the strings pressed for tulip blocks
4. Baste a machine quilting project
5. Write about one of our recent camping trips 


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