Sunday Shortlist

This week got more and more relaxed as it went...we bought a truck Monday and then decided we should camp somewhere closer to home to make sure we were comfortable towing with it.  (Maybe we’ve just reached the point this year where excuses aren’t needed!) but the rest of the week was pretty low key, so what did I accomplish? 
1. Post my stitching sunshine  blog hop post-which means I need to photograph the project-done and I was overwhelmed by the responses 
2. finish tying at least one more quilt-I tried, but my hand is not getting better and it just isn’t working to tie.  Instead I started hand quilting a project I’d thought I’d machine quilt; who’d think hand quilting would be the easiest method...
3.  cut bindings so they're ready when my machine is returned-done three bindings are cut, but only one of the quilts is ready to be bound
4. finish trimming my charity quilt blocks-done 
5.  keep reading the Benni Harper mysteries-these are fun quilt cozies-I finished the 4th read a book from another series and am reading The 5th now.
6. continue organizing my craft room-the biggest thing I accomplished  was hanging my shadow box with some of my Gram’s sewing supplies. Last week we’d hung the sign my student made me.
7. Write about the weekend trip-I didn’t get to this one.
So overall it was a productive week...what’s on the list next week?
1. Camping for the 4th
2. Continue hand quilting a present
3. My friend is coming to plan a baby quilt 
4. Make plans for vacation and pray they don’t have to change again 


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