Sunday Shortlist

This past week was somewhat eventful (at least in comparison to recent weeks); I dropped my sewing machine off to be serviced, my school finally held graduation, we found a truck, our county went green so Humble Stitch finally reopened and I  could shop in person, and I might have broken a toe while camping with my parents for Father's Day...So how did. I do on this second attempt at last week's list?
1. tie the stitching sunshine project--done
2. baste or tie a few other projects-I got one other project started-I didn't think tying would be so hard with this unresolved pinched nerve...
3. finish the top of a charity quilt-still not done trimming
4. Continue organizing the craft room-the big thing I did was hang a few decorations and bought a shadow box for some of my grandma's sewing supplies.  
Given the difficulties I'm having with tying and the estimate that my sewing machine won't be finished this week it's a pretty simple list.
1. Post my stitching sunshine  blog hop post-which means I need to photograph the project...
2. finish tying at least one more quilt
3.  cut bindings so they're ready when my machine is returned
4. finish trimming my charity quilt blocks
5.  keep reading the Benni Harper mysteries-these are fun quilt cozies
6. continue organizing my craft room. 
7. Write about the weekend trip

Here’s the schedule for the Stitching Sunshine blog hop:


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