Sunday Shortlist

I had high hopes last Sunday for a nice productive week, and in some ways it was, but I woke up Monday with some issues that sent me to the doctor and they believe I have a pinched nerve.  It’s causing some activities with my left hand to be more challenging so quilting was slower than usual.  I spent more time reading and organizing. 
1. write about this weekends camping trip-done
2. tie the stitching sunshine project-not done, but must happen this week
3. baste or tie a few other projects-not done
4. finish the top of a charity quilt-the Block’s are made  but I need to trim and get them together
5. Continue organizing the craft room- it’s coming together, but like any organization project it’s slower than I’d hoped.  I got it cleaned enough to bring in an old chair to do some hand work in there.  It didn’t match but I have a quilt we got at my great aunt’s sale that I could cover the chair with to match better. I still have some work to do but I’m pleased with how nice having the chair feels.
So basically all of the list from last week transfers to this week.  Plus one of my best friends asked me about making a baby quilt so I’ll be trying to figure some things out for that.  Fortunately my local quilt shop (and my spa for massage to help with my nerve!) reopens on Friday so I can do some in person shopping!  My mom also asked if I had any hand projects she could help me with to help keep her hands busy during slow times working from home-binding some of those quilts I plan to tie this week sounds perfect for her!


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