Sunday Shortlist

This past week signaled the official end of our school year. It also marked the retirement of the teacher who had been my mentor my first year; so I gifted him this quilt our classes had done together as a Holocaust rememberance a couple years ago.
usually give myself the first few days just for relaxing and doing what I want to do, but this year being home isn't such a novelty, so I got to work on organizing my craft room-after a trip to a second hand craft store on the last day of school that is.
My celebratory purchases

  We also decided to book another camping trip for this weekend, but closer to home this time. 
The view from our campsite this weekend
 So how did my list go?
1. work on my Stitching Sunshine blog hop project-I've got the top done
2. write about camping trips-done
3. clean the table for tying some quilts and basting the block of the month-I was so busy with the craft room that I didn't get to the table, maybe this week
4. more cleaning and organizing of my craft room-I got a lot done but there's still more to do
5. Prepare the next memory quilt-I got the shirts deconstructed but I haven't cut it yet.
Kitty enjoyed the deconstruction of shirts!
6. Figure out a machine that I was given-my husband forgot to take my regular machine for service so I didn't get to this one. I'm not sure when he'll be going back to his office and the plan is that when he does he'll take my machine for service, so this likely won't be this week either.

I don't think I have much to do outside the house this week, so I am hoping to get more sewing time and get my craft room closer to finished.
1. write about this weekends camping trip
2. tie the stitching sunshine project
3. baste or tie a few other projects
4. finish the top of a charity quilt
5. Continue organizing the craft room


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