Prince Gallitzen State Park

Once we were finally able to camp we seem to have been making up for lost time.  We typically camp about every other weekend, but with nearly everything cancelled we didn't see a reason not to camp again the last weekend of May.  Prince Gallitzen is a huge campground (over 400 sites) but still has nicely spaced campsites.  One of the main attractions to this park is the lake which is over 1,600 acres. When we visited before they had a sunset photography class so we knew just how pretty the park is.  When I  booked the site there was only one site left that was both electric and pet friendly so having a view of the lake from our campsite was a pleasant surprise.  The bathhouse was relatively updated and very large.  My only complaint was that it was the type of shower where you hit the button for water and it lasts for a short time; I really prefer knobs so I don't have to restart it with shampoo in my hair.  Of course there weren't any park activities during this visit due to the virus response, but I've seen a number of programs on their Facebook page that look like they'd be enjoyable.  My husband says it is one of his favorite parks, but he doesn't really like the drive there because it is a lot of back roads in the mountains.  We will definitely return here though because the water is so relaxing and it is such a pretty park.
Pictures from our sunset photography class 5 years ago

Friday evening we got set up and started a fire with the scraps of wood I brought home from shop cleanup and I went to the camp store to get firewood.  They actually deliver the wood for you, which is a nice feature, but by the time he brought the wood just a few minutes later it started to pour.  We thought about going to a local restaurant but something made us turn around-thank goodness because in setting up the awning my husband forgot to put one side lower and water was really pooling and if we hadn't been there to realize what was happening it would have caused some real damage.
Saturday morning we walked part of the trail that surrounds the campground but the previous night's rain made that pretty muddy and we got to a no dogs sign so we had to turn around anyhow.  We had some nice views of the lake and of other areas of the campground.  We then went to one of the marinas and walked along a paved path enjoying more views of the lake.  Around lunch time my parents came to visit and we went to a local ice cream place with take out sandwiches and ate at an overlook by the park office. Before we left on Sunday we were planning to walk across the dam, but there was some sort of construction so we went back to the marina and walked along the shoreline.


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