Sunday Shortlist

This was a very good week in comparison to recent weeks.  I was able to spend more time outside, we had a campfire mid week, I read a good bit, and we got to go explore a little.
 I also did some crocheting.  Even better, the governor announced that our county is moving to the yellow phase next week, so we may start to be able to get out more.  However I really didn’t get anything  significant done on my list from last Sunday.
1.  finish the top for my mystery quilt-this should have said memory instead of mystery...I finished the 12 blocks and I got fabric for sashing. So I made progress but I’m still not sure I won’t make it larger. 
2. work on my Stitching Sunshine blog hop project-it’s still in the project box. 
3. photograph my block swap quilt-I did get this done, I’m hoping to get a post written soon
4. Organize my craft room a bit more to try to find the fabric for a baby quilt-I looked but decided if I was ordering some other fabrics I may as well just order more Kona Snow; the yard or so I do have was intended for a project and I think it’s with the rest of the materials.  That’s a good excuse to procrastinate right? I also justified it because I was supporting local business. 
5.  Clean the table off and baste the block of the month and/or quilt my wedding gift-I didn’t do anything towards this goal either.
Next week, we’re finally able to camp at a campground, so I won’t have service to post, so what am I hoping to achieve in the next two weeks?
1.  finish the top for my memory quilt
2. work on my Stitching Sunshine blog hop quilt
3. Post for Its cool to be square blog hop
4. Post about my block swap
5.  Clean the table off and baste the block of the month and quilt my wedding gift
6. Make my monochromatic baby quilt top
7. Write about our camping trip.  
That will bring me all but to the end of the school year!
I had intended to take pictures today for my It’s Cool to Be Square post, but I forgot to take the project along.  
I don’t have any real quilt pictures to share this week, but we did enjoy our visit to Bald Eagle State Park in the rain.  
 With the rain we weren’t as comfortable to walk a trail and get too far from the pavilion or car.  So we decided to drive through the town of Bellefonte.  I knew there was a historic district and railroad history, but typically we are on our way somewhere else when we pass nearby.  Today we just wanted to take advantage of the time away from home so we drove around until we found The railroad and Talleyrand Park.  By that point the rain had paused, so we were able to take another nice little walk around.  We definitely want to go back when we’ve read a little more about the history.


  1. You are in such a beautiful beautiful beautiful place. I guess I'll have to explore your blog further to see the other places you visit.


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