Sunday Short List

This past week I had some productive days and others where I didn't feel like I'd done anything crafty.  I was able to find thread I thought I'd be waiting for the end of quaratine for so regardless of how I did with my list I was considering the week a win.  So how did my list go?
1. Bind my block swap quilt -done it is hanging but does still need a label and the same goes for my Hospital Sketches quilt

2. make real progress on the next memory quilt-I have one block finished and all the parts ready for the remainder, unless I decide to make it a little bigger
3. start either my mystery quilt (which has never been a mystery for me, and the rest of my group has completed) or a baby quilt.-for some reason I'm struggling with the mystery but I did finish a baby quilt top

4. baste my other block of the month from last year-I didn't get to this
5.  start planning for the It's Cool to Be Square Blog hop later in the month and maybe work on my project for Stitching Sunshine next month too.-I know what quilt tops I want to use, but I haven't started writing.

In addition to exceeding my binding goal (and I am not a fan of the binding stage) I got in a new book to make a WWII quilt and read about each block. 

I feel much better with all the changes of this spring when I do take my crafty time, so what's on the list this week?
1.  finish the top for my mystery quilt
2. work on my Stitching Sunshine blog hop project
3. photograph my block swap quilt
4. Organize my craft room a bit more to try to find the fabric for a baby quilt
5.  Clean the table off and baste the block of the month and/or quilt my wedding gift


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