Backyard Friends

Throughout this time of stay at home I've been more aware of the animals that surround us.  During my first virtual faculty meeting I had a little bunny running through my basement work area(we're hoping it ran in while we had the garage door open for a camp fire and not that it lives in our basement) and this morning I saw a fox.  Those are the only real backyard friends we have out here, but that didn't keep me from enjoying the Backyard Friends block swap from FatCat patterns.
I've said before I just love Sindy's patterns because they're cute and easy to follow.  I joined her Facebook group where she posts previews and free patterns and back in the winter she held a block swap.  Since it is appliqué you sent fused pieces but the recipient chose their background.  I just wanted a small wall hanging to go where I've had the snow people hanging inside our door, so I sent 6 pairs of blocks and kept 2 pairs myself.  Each pair was a house and a tree so I had one of each design of my own fabrics.  I mailed them off in February expecting this to be a summer project, but of course with the stay at home orders I was able to finish the quilt pretty quickly.  I hand quilted it with simple outlines.  I do have to make the label yet-I want to include the names and locations of each person who made a block. I had blocks included from Wisconsin, New York, Washington, Oregon, Mississippi and of course Pennsylvania.  Since the name of the quilt was Backyard friends I just did pictures in my own yard.

This was such a fun little project for me.  There was some talk of doing another swap in the future, but I said we started swapping house blocks for this and suddenly we were all staying in our homes, maybe we better do some sort of tropical theme next time.


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