Shortlist sunday

This past week I felt like I spent a lot more time watching tv than sewing, but I did surprisingly well with my list!
1. Bind the wedding quilt-done but no label yet.
2. Write a post about the 2 recent baby quilts-I decided to hold off until the second baby is born, which should be this week.
3. Post about the remaining cruise ports-done
4. Continue working on crumb blocks-done
5. Get at least one of my block of the months fused-not only are they fused they are stitched down too!

6. Hand appliqué a snowman for my own flakey friends quilt-I am mostly done with a second.

This week I know I won’t be home 3 evenings, and Thursdays we’ve been watching g the new Star Trek Series together so I need more work that I can do in the living room and less on my sewing machine.
1. Finish getting the wedding quilt ready and photograph it for my next blog hop
2. Get the Hospital Sketches quilt at least into a top

3. mail my block exchange blocks
4. Hand appliqué more of my snowmen
5. Prepare my penguin blocks and the blocks for the Dust off an Old Quilt Book blog hop.
6. Write that baby quilt post


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