Roatan Honduras

On one of our previous cruises I remember talking to someone who said Roatan was her absolute favorite port, so I was excited when it was included on this itinerary.  Once again, we probably should have done more research about possible excursions but we decided to do another private tour.  It was a glass bottom boat ride with an island tour and we made stops at several local shops and overlooks.

One stop was a popular beach but by the time we arrived the beach was super crowded.
We got to sample chocolate and rum at different stops on the tour-the chocolate was so good and on the back of the rum factory there was a deck that looked out over the mountainside.

Again we were able to see how poor the area around the port is, but this time we saw much more of the beauty of the area.

Next time we visit Honduras I am hoping to visit the wildlife sanctuary, just driving in to drop off one of the families on our tour we saw a sloth and I think capuchins are fascinating. Back in the port we were again stopped for some local food but they really only had sandwiches where we went...


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