Two sweet baby quilts

I’ve mentioned on my blog before that when there are new babies in my church I try to make them a quilt. In the past month,  we had a new baby girl born at church as well as one of my coworkers had his first child.  For work, I don’t make for every baby, but this young man and his wife were students when I started teaching, although somehow neither was ever my student.  Because we’ve kind of watched them grow up I really wanted to make a quilt for their little girl. 
I’d  been to a yard sale a while back and gotten a box with ice cream blocks fused for appliqué and then the project was abandoned.  I bought it without really knowing who I’d make it for and been stitching on it when I felt like appliqué but didn’t have a block of the month patch to work on.  I think there were probably enough blocks for a full size quilt, but I don’t really have anyone I wanted to make that big of an ice cream quilt for so I decided I’d just keep going until the right project came along.  When my coworker and his wife announced that the baby was a girl, I decided this would be a good use of my ice cream cones.  Without knowing it I matched the colors of the nursery.

Of course an ice cream quilt has to be photographed at an ice cream shop. When I was ready to take pictures I bribed my friend’s kids with an ice cream cone if they held my quilt up.  Fortunately I also had the new baby girl from church so each of the kids had a quilt to hold up!  The parents chose not to find out the gender for this one, so I figured black and white was safe.  I hope both little girls know how loved they are!


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