Belize City

Belize City was our second port of call on our recent cruise.  Neither of us had really read much about what to do in Belize beforehand and when we did start researching we found that one of the biggest attractions was cave tubing, however I was a little worried that I'd get motion sickness cave tubing.  Many of the other tours had restrictions we were unsure of so we decided to get a tour from a private vendor when we got there.  There was certainly not a shortage of private vendors offering tours.

Because we didn't have much knowledge about the city we chose to do a city tour and learn more about the area.  The main entrance at the port hides how poor the surrounding area truly is.  There was a college student on our tour who asked a lot of questions about the economy and education in the area and our guide pointed out the local schools. He also talked about the cost of schools and the uniforms, which really showed how different the culture is.  Paying $75 a semester for school was a true hardship for the tour guide, but it was also clear that he valued his children's education enough to find a way to pay it.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous when I saw this massive crack in the window of  our tour vehicle!

We made a stop at a local "beach" which was really more of a water park.  The guide said the locals didn't really use this beach, they preferred to go to islands and more natural beaches.  I think the natural beaches would be more my style too.

Our other stop was a wine and rum factory.  One of the videos we watched prior to our trip when we were trying to determine what to do while in port talked about how much they enjoyed cashew wine on their tour, I had a sample-partially because it sounded so different- and didn't really enjoy it.  We did get some rum cream to bring home.

When we got back to the port area we got an ornament made from shell and a nativity and a few other little gifts to bring home.  Then we decided we wanted to stop at a restaurant and try some local food and a drink before taking the tender back to the ship. Belizian meat pies said they were made with a combination of spices so I was a little nervous that they'd be spicier than we are used to but they told
me that it was really just black pepper.



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