Sunday short list

This week was the first I've felt like I had time to sit at my sewing machine and relax.  I have been doing some hand quilting in the evenings while my husband and I watch tv because I know it's important to spend time with him even with the stress of this school year (or maybe even more so) and I can do hand quilting in the living room.  I even made a quilt top that wasn't on my list!

So how did I do with the actual list???

 1. continue to work on hand quilting a present-I finished the length rows and started on the widths and they are going much more quickly!

2. post about the two birthday presents I gave this week-which means my husband needs to give me some ideas where to photograph one of them.-We're still trying to decide where to photography my husband's present

3. baste a baby quilt before the baby arrives-I have the quilt clamped to the table but I need to finish pinning.  

Our anniversary is this week and we have plans to return to our wedding location one evening and then we're taking a long weekend trip back to Colonial Williamsburg where we honeymooned. There won't be much sewing but it should be a great week!
1. continue to work on hand quilting my present
2. begin quilting the baby quilt
3. post about the two birthday presents. 


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