Sunday Short list

I forgot to post my Sunday Short list last week.  My husband had been away and got home Sunday, we had to clean out the garage at our old house before closing Monday, and then we were relaxing and it just slipped my mind.  I still haven't had much time for my projects but I did accomplish some things, and gave away two quilts this week!  So how did I do with my list from two weeks ago

1. Continue working on hand quilting a present-I'm making some progress I'll soon be ready to start stitching the other direction. 
2. Post about camp from Labor Day -done
3. Work on some Christmas presents-I have decided that I'll finish the ones I have started but it's just not feasible to have a handmade Christmas.  I'll support local businesses instead
4. Post in the Hello Fall Blog Hop-done and the responses were overwhelming. 

So what's on the list for this week?  It’s still been a real struggle to have time for my projects so it’s really short. 
1. continue to work on hand quilting a present
2. post about the two birthday presents I gave this week-which means my husband needs to give me some ideas where to photograph tone of them.

3. baste a baby quilt before the baby arrives


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