Sunday Shortlist

After last week’s failure to accomplish any goals, I must have been more motivated this week.  I was able to find a little more sewing time and felt much better about the way things were going.  I also made progress on some landscaping goals and had some time by the fire.   So how did I do with my list
1. Photograph my mom’s quilt-the days I felt like I would be able to go to the location I wanted for photos weren’t nice weather predictions.  So I decided when my mom had to come get equipment to set her office up to give her the quilt so she could enjoy it until it was easier to photograph it
2. Quilt the baby quilt I have started and hopefully do a porch delivery-done and the mom was so happy with it

3. Finish at least one charm pack quilt-I finished 2 tops and have two more in progress 

I think I may need to shorten this one.

4. Start the next memory quilt-I did a very small amount on this
5. Pick a pattern for another baby quilt.  (I have a few ideas)-I know of two babies needing quilts I decided that one of the quilts needed another fabric, ordered one I think will work and narrowed it down to two patterns for the other one I know I’ll be making in the near future. I’m hoping my quilt 
shop can reopen by the time I’m ready to start it, so I can’t get a physical pattern versus digital.
6. Finish at least the appliqué on my block swap.-I got the top finished
Bonus: because of the baby quilt I’d moved my Hospital Sketches quilt off the list but I finished the main blocks and moved on to the borders!

So what’s on next week’s list?
1. Make progress on the borders of my Hospital Sketches quilt, my goal is to get this finished by the time we can visit the field hospitals in Gettysburg.  
2. Finish the charm square blocks in progress.
3. Start making real progress on the next memory quilt
4. Decide if my block swap quilt is being machine or hand quilted.
5. Do more landscaping and organizing around the house.
6. Blog about the baby quilt.


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