Sunday short list

Last week when I made my list I was feeling pretty optimistic.  I guess with this being my 13th year teaching I’ve forgotten how challenging that first year was and with distance learning being our current situation I feel as though I’m back in year one some days. I will certainly appreciate being back in my classroom when that time comes! Needless to say I wasn’t as able to finish other things as I’d hoped, but hopefully I can find my new routine and get back to things soon. So how did badly I do last week.
1. Continue working on the Hospital Sketches quilt-I didn’t make much progress 
2. Get batting and piece the backing for my mom’s quilt-I thought I’d be going to a store where they’d have batting but that didn’t happen
3. Decide how to quilt the baby quilt-I decided to hand quilt, but that’s as far as I got
4. Finish the traffic jam quilt top

5. Organize my next memory quilt.-I started a different charm pack quilt instead because I needed something that wasn’t going to take a lot of calculating.  I  do think I know what pattern I want to use for the memory quilt, but I’ll need some supplies.

I could have gotten more done, but the most important thing with my sewing this week was to help me relax and that’s okay. So what is on the list this coming week.
1. Continue working on the Hospital Sketches
2. Get the baby quilt at least basted
3. Finish at least one of the charm pack quilts
4. Order supplies for the memory quilts.
That should be a little more manageable in this stressful time.


  1. I bet it feels weird to *relearn* how to teach - I lke your traffic jam Quilt top!!


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